3 Tips for Planning a Wedding in 6 Months

How long does it take you to say “I do”? While the typical couple may wait about a year to get married, there’s a significant chunk who set the deadline far closer. Six months closer, in fact.


A reduced timeline means you’ll need to make a schedule now—and stick to it. Here are 3  things you need to keep in mind during the planning process.


The Venue Comes First


Many wedding venues are already booked out 9, 12, and even 18 months in advance. For this reason, you’ll want to make finding a great venue that can fit all your guests a top priority. It will also impact other decisions you’ll need to make soon (some venues, for example, provide catering options for you, while others may have restrictions on food options. You’ll want to know all this before you go looking for a caterer yourself). You also need to choose the venue first because it will help you choose your date (and get those Save The Date cards out!).


Prioritize Customized Options and Vendors


If you’re getting married in six months, opting for a custom-made dress can be a problem. Many bridal salons require several months time to make appropriate alterations. An off-the-rack dress fitted for you by an independent seamstress can sometimes be an amenable solution.


It’s not too late to line up your vendors, including the photographer, DJ and/or band, makeup artist, etc., but the time to find them is now—not later. You’ll need the time to look at samples of their work and see if they seem professional and capable (a big red flag: it takes a week, five emails, and two telephone messages to get a reply back!). They, too, need time to plan for your big day.

Stay Focused on the Big Picture


Here’s a fact: if your wedding planning goes without a hitch, you deserve a spot in the Guinness Book of Records—because you’re probably the first. When you have only six months to plan everything, you need to make flexibility your best friend. If you can’t get the cake you really wanted—what about easy-to-hold cupcakes? If you can’t afford an open bar—is there a signature cocktail you can dream up that everyone will want to add to their Instagram story? Get creative, and don’t forget: have fun!

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