4 Great Summertime Wedding Ideas

Summertime is a magical time for people across the country – trips to the lake or ocean, going camping or simply having fun sitting around with family enjoying the late sunsets and long days. What more could you ask for the most special day in your life? Below we have listed some great summer wedding ideas to help you get started planning your dream wedding!

A Country/Rural Feel

This is a perfect (and inexpensive) option for the inner country gal inside of all of us! We have all seen these weddings on Instagram – the pictures of beautiful, open fields, decorated hay bales, and mason jar toasting glasses! Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most elegant. You can have commemorated mason jar glasses for all your guests to take home as a token of your appreciation and everyone can enjoy your wedding cocktail in joining you in a beautiful toast!

An Ocean/Beach Feel

When you have a lot of family, a destination wedding can be pretty difficult to manage. Luckily, you don’t have to be anywhere near the ocean to get a beach feel at your wedding! Some well-placed bags of sand, potted palms and other tropical flowers (vibrantly colorful and beautiful to look at, I might add), and just the right playlist will transport you and your family to the ocean! Most importantly, the juicy cocktails are an excellent complement to the warmer weather and the more relaxed dress.

A Nostalgic Feel

Sometimes the old ways are simply the best! Make your wedding the classiest affair around by having a Roaring 20’s or 50’s themed wedding. Whether you’re after flapper dresses and some jazzy tunes or pastel colors and rock ‘n roll a throwback wedding is not a terrible idea. Maybe you’re an 80s gal that just wants to dance?

A Personal Feel

Maybe you and your true love have specific circumstances that just need attending to? A funny origin story or a clash of cultures? Paying homage to your unique roots is never a bad idea. Most importantly, it will give you a cost-effective way to make everyone in your families and friend networks feel like they’ve played just a little part in your union.

No matter what you decide to do, never forget that it’s YOUR day! Our knowledgable staff at DiBurro’s Function Facility are around to make your dreams come true, so don’t be afraid to be a little creative. Besides, you miss every shot you don’t take so don’t be shy about asking their opinions on all your wildest ideas! Let’s talk today and find the best way to make your dream summer wedding a reality!