5 Tips for Planning a Holiday Party

Holidays are just around the corner, which means planning holiday parties should be in full swing! Events like this are a great way to get everyone together in an informal setting, let loose, and have a little bit of fun. While your guests will enjoy showing up and going home after the party ends, being the party planner takes a bit more work. Follow these simple tips to make sure your holiday party planning is a hit! 

Get a Team Together

Planning an entire holiday party alone is nearly impossible. Enlist the help of a few other people that you think would be a good fit for the job. People who are detail-oriented, time conscious, and creative are the ideal choice. 

Stick to the Budget

Set a reasonable budget for your holiday party and stick to it. It’s easy to get caught up in extravagant decorations or menu items, but you can have a great party at a great price! Compare prices for decorations, food, and venues at multiple different places before you make any purchases. Look for the best mix of quality and price, going for the best total value. 

Set Reasonable Alcohol Limits 

Keep your party tame yet still fun by setting alcohol limits for each guest. Typically, 2-3 drinks per person are sufficient. Give guests drink tickets when they come into the party and once they’re out of tickets, they’re done drinking. The last thing you need is a room full of drunk people unable to leave when the party comes to an end! 

Find a Venue 

Choosing the right venue can make or break any holiday party. View multiple venues before you decide. Don’t forget to keep in mind your budget, number of guests, and convenience of food and drinks at the venue. Venues that offer on-sight catering are often more budget-friendly and make your planning easier. For instance, DiBurro’s Function Facility can offer all of the above benefits – just reach out for a quote!

Choose a Fun Theme 

Last but not least, pick a theme! Look around online if you’re in need of inspiration. Your theme may include a fun dress code, interesting décor, and even themed food or drinks to go along with it all. 

We want to help make your holiday party a success this year without a stressful planning process. Call DiBurro’s Function Facility today for more information regarding our event space, perfect for holiday parties, that includes onsite catering!