5 Wedding Etiquette Rules You Must Follow

Modern weddings come in all forms, from intimate backyard affairs to formal black-tie soirees. No matter what type of wedding you’ve been invited to attend, though, there are certain rules of etiquette you must adhere to. Following these tried-and-true guidelines will help you avoid missteps and have a wonderful time at your upcoming event. Five key pieces of wedding etiquette are outlined in this guide. 

Always RSVP

In our digital age, the art of RSVPing has gotten somewhat lost in the shuffle. When you are invited to a wedding, however, it is imperative to RSVP every time. Not only is this the polite thing to do, but it helps the bride and groom prepare for their upcoming event. If they don’t know how many people will be attending, they will struggle with everything from seating arrangements to working with their catering team. Some of today’s couples ask their attendees to RSVP on their wedding websites, but many still send paper cards and stamped envelopes that need to be mailed back. 

Do not wear white

Most ladies wait their entire lives to be brides and spend months, if not years, preparing for their wedding days. Since the vast majority of brides wear a shade of white, it is considered disrespectful to her to wear white yourself. Upstaging the bride on her big day is a gross breach of etiquette that ought to be avoided at all costs. If you are questioning whether or not your attire has too much white in it, err on the side of caution and choose another garment. 

Use your device sparingly

As society has become increasingly dependent on technology, events like weddings have become a challenge for the hosts. While most brides and grooms don’t want to completely ban their guests from using smartphones, it is often very difficult for professional photographers to work around these devices when they are, for example, being held into the aisle as the bride walks toward the altar. If you are attending a wedding where devices are allowed, be respectful and allow the professionals to do their jobs first. 

Dealing with social media

This etiquette tip goes hand-in-hand with the prior one. If you do take photos on your phone during the next wedding you attend, be careful about what you post on social media right away. Some modern couples have wedding hashtags and want every photo to be online, while others would prefer to wait to share professional images before amateur shots are posted. Consider the situation and ask the bride or groom if you are unclear. 

The plus one situation

Some wedding invitees automatically assume they are allowed to bring plus ones with them to the event. This is not, however, always the case. Weddings cost a lot of money and, in certain cases, the hosts simply can’t afford to allow unmarried individuals to bring dates or extra guests, such as their children. Only those to whom the invitation is addressed are invited; if “and guest” is written, feel free to bring a plus one. 

Abiding by these simple etiquette rules are sure to make your next experience at a wedding a pleasant one. Weddings are meant to be the happiest of occasions, so try to relax and enjoy yourself. Remember, the most important thing is to celebrate the couple and the start of their new chapter!

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