A Guide to Planning a Non-Profit or Fundraising Event

Non-profit fundraisers are a great way to garner support and donations for a specific cause or organization. Actually orchestrating an amazing fundraiser, however, requires planning, finances, and the willpower to see it through. Here’s a quick guide on how to set up a fantastic event:

Set a Goal for the Event

Have an established goal that can be objectively measured and is specific to the event you wish to create. Choose the best venue for the event, decide the level of decorum and set entrance prices accordingly. Consider small guest favors for participation, such as symbolic souvenirs or attires to make the event memorable to attendees. 

Select the Correct Activity

The fundraiser needs to take into account a target demographic, the goal of the event, budget, staffing, and how to place emphasis on your specific cause. Be sure to have as much community outreach as possible and grow your crowd.

Obtain Sponsorships

Find ways to pitch your event to bigger corporations with a presence in the area/community or local businesses with a decent connection to the community. Having a clear goal, mission statement and a common ground with the business or corporation you seek sponsorships from will be crucial to securing these. Sponsorships can not only grow your budget or help you reach your goal, they can also help secure more funding from individuals that support the sponsors, and also create valuable connections for future.


Promote your event as much as you can. Having the widest reach possible is key to success. Use social media, make a website for your event or organization, ask attendees to spread the word, print out flyers, send emails and do anything else to make sure you increase people’s awareness of your event.


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