Several gifts wrapped and on a table.

How Much Are You Supposed To Spend On A Wedding Gift?

Do you find yourself wondering how much to spend on a wedding gift? We all do! We know it not required to give a wedding gift,  but it’s customary to give the to-be-weds something. There are so many options out there, we know it can get tricky! This is why DiBurro’s is here to help we know weddings can also be expensive for the guests. 

Is It Okay To Give Money As A Wedding Gift?

Giving money as a wedding gift is perfectly okay. Money for a wedding gift is an easy way to replace buying something off of a registry or contributing to a honeymoon fund. What couple wouldn’t appreciate the extra cash! This money could even go towards savings. 

How Much Do You Give For A Wedding?

There isn’t a rule about wedding gift maximum, you should avoid a check for less than $50. On average, most guests will spend between $75 and $150 on wedding gift money. And if you’re still struggling to figure out how much to give for a wedding gift, write a check for $160.

How Much Should One Person Spend On A Wedding Gift?

Consider the couple you’re celebrating. Is this couple a coworker, or friend you just catch up with from time to time, the lower end of the spectrum is appropriate. For a close friend or family member, consider going higher with your gift price, above $75 range, or even up to $100.

Should I Bring The Wedding Gift To The Reception Or Mail It Beforehand?

Plan to put the wedding gift money in an envelope so it doesn’t get lost. There should be a box or designated gift area at the reception where you can safely place it. You could always opt for slipping your wedding gift money in the card box instead of handing it to the couple in person — they’ll be so overwhelmed, you don’t want to give them one more thing to keep track of. Just make sure you sign the check! And if you’re giving cash be sure to include a card with your name so the couple can thank you appropriately.

Weddings shouldn’t be viewed as a dollar-for-dollar transaction. It feels way better to a gift because you love the couple than to feel like you’re expected to cover your cost-per-head. Couples want guests to come to witness their love, have all the feelings, eat, drink, party and leave with the best memories of their day. 

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