How to Plan a Bar/Bat Mitzvah

A bar/bat mitzvah is an important milestone for your child, so it is very important that you start planning early to ensure the event goes off without a hitch. Throwing this coming-of-age party as your child takes their place in the Jewish community is no simple task, but here are some tips to keep in mind as you start planning for your child’s bar/bat mitzvah.

Determine the date

Coordinate with your local synagogue on a date for the event. They can assign your date up to three years in advance – doing it sooner rather than later will give you peace of mind. Usually, this date will be close to your child’s 13th birthday, but it depends on the synagogue. Once the date is chosen, keep in mind that bar/bat mitzvah schooling typically begins a year before the event date.

Book the venue

Make sure to have the venue space booked at least a year in advance. If hosting the event outside of the synagogue will be your route, give us a call – we are perfectly-suited to host bar/bat mitzvahs.

Confirm catering and other services

Consult with your child on their menu preferences, and choose a kosher catering company that can fit those needs. Reach out to your network to see if anyone you know has recommendations – word of mouth goes a long way. Will the bar/bat mitzvah feature any other services, i.e. performers or entertainers? If your child is interested and your budget allows, book those other services now. Don’t forget a photographer!

Make a guest list and send invitations

GIve yourself ample time to create the guest list. Just when you think you have the list finalized, a few more guests will come to mind. Know the limits of the venue and budget, and ensure your guest list does not exceed that. Send out invitations months is advance, to give your guests the best chance at being able to make it.

If you will have a large amount of guest coming from out-of-town, it is recommended that you contact local hotels and reserve a room block. This will ensure your guests have a place to stay, and maybe even get them a discounted rate.

Get decorations

Depending on if you have used a theme or not, decorations can help give the party the feel you are looking for. There are many decoration options according to your budget, and even something small, like table centerpieces, can go a long way. Also consider if party favors are something you are interested in giving out at this event.

Candle-lighting ceremony

These ceremonies have become increasingly popular to perform at bar/bat mitzvahs. This ceremony honors important people in your child’s life, both living and deceased. Ask your child if reciting a poem or speech during the candle-lighting ceremony is something they are interested in, and work with them on creating their content.

Planning a bar/bat mitzvah party can feel like a huge undertaking. But luckily, you can start years in advance to make the process go by smoothly. These were just a few tips to help you keep your process organized when planning your bar/bat mitzvah. Don’t hesitate to contact DiBurro’s Function Facility if have any more questions, or if you feel that our space is right for your child’s big day. We’ll be here every step of the way to make sure the day is unforgettable.