The first meeting of newlyweds on a green field outdoors. A first look photo.

The Pros and Cons of First Look Wedding Photos

Among the infinite different wedding day traditions, first looks are becoming quite popular but messing with the good-luck superstition. Have you and your spouse to be discussed breaking tradition and having a sneak peek before walking down the aisle? But if you’re still debating about taking first look photos, consider the pros and cons. At Diburro’s, our take is there’s no right or wrong decision. To help make your decision easier, we’ve made up a list of first look photo pros and cons.


  1. It’s an excellent decision for couples who want to spend some quality quiet time together before the ceremony.
  2. It will give you a moment before the day officially starts to connect, allowing you a moment to take a deep breath.
  3. You’ll get some much-needed privacy. 
  4. You can enjoy more of the cocktail hour because you won’t have to take as many photos. 
  5. You can enjoy the light bites you selected for your cocktail hour. 
  6. You can get crying out of the way before the ceremony.
  7. Your first look photos will be much more emotional and moving, and you’ll have plenty of time for makeup touch-ups before the ceremony.
  8. Seeing your significant other often has a calming effect and makes you feel safe, making it easier to calm your nerves. 
  9. Walking down the aisle is emotional, but the photographs won’t have the two of you being emotional. 
  10. If you’re having a winter wedding, first-look wedding photos make more sense if you want portraits taken with natural light. The sun will be down between 4:30 and 5:30 p.m leaving you a smaller window to take pictures in the sun.


  1. You lose having your first look at the altar.
  2. You lose the first-moment dramatic suspense and effect
  3. Your ceremony is missing certain emotions. 
  4. You’ll lose the traditional aspect of the ceremony.
  5. If you and your partner are both are introverted, it may feel awkward if you think the expectation is to make a shocked face or cry. You might clam up and be more reserved in front of the camera.
  6. First looks can build up the pressure; some people are very private with their emotions. 
  7. First look photos might cause additional rushing, taking away the opportunity to photograph meaningful moments. 
  8. It’s not as private as you think. Your photographer and videographer might try to be discrete, but they are still around!
  9. You have to get up earlier.
  10.  You and your wedding party will have to make sure you have enough time to do any hair and makeup and get dressed. You have to find a venue that lets you in that early or charge more for an earlier entry.

Try Compromising! 

There are a few ways to compromise. You could do a “first touch” when you stand back to back or hold hands from around a corner, still not seeing each other. Ladies you could do a first look with your fathers. You could try taking pictures of the bride hugging the groom from behind, so he still won’t see you. Consider doing your first look without your veil or other accessories not to give away your entire look. Make sure to add the finishing touches before your ceremony as a sweet surprise for your partner. The most important part is, the two of you will be starting a new life at the end of the day, and that is what truly matters. As you plan your wedding, we hope to be able to play a role in making it the day of your dreams!