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Top 10 Trends for 2017 Weddings

Wedding trends are becoming bigger and badder. Some are definitely over the top, but others are just the icing on the (wedding) cake. For all of you in the midst of planning your big day, be sure to check out this list of 10 of the top trends for weddings this year!

Stylish Bridesmaids

Many fashion-forward brides have been thinking outside the box. Not only have they been going to the best bridal shops in chicago for their own dress but they have also been asking their bridesmaids to wear coordinating attire. Not the traditional, every bridesmaid wears the same exact dress type of coordination, but different materials and colors that create a cohesive look. #trendy!

Colored Suits

Why should bridesmaids be the only ones who get to wear color? Groomsmen are sporting colored suits to weddings this season to show a little personality on this special day! You might want to look at a Tux Rental site in order to afford a colorful suit whilst not having to pay the full expense.

Capturing Emotional Moments

Wedding photography has been shifting dramatically. Photographers are being requested to create a photo-journalistic style for their wedding photography clients. A non-stop action of emotional, candid photos that shows the true love of the couple.

Unique Invitations

Wedding invitations have been taken to a whole new level this year. The traditional, paper save-the-date is no longer extravagant enough to announce your big day. From foil stamping, to watercolors, to personalized monograms, unique wedding invitations are a must have this year!

Color, Color, Color

After years of neutral colors being the wedding palette of choice, bright, bold colors are making a comeback! Pump up the color at your wedding this year to make it pop!

Bold Metallics

Copper, rose gold and gold are being embraced by brides because of their versatility. They can be used for both upscale and laid-back weddings! Perfect!

Extravagant Destinations

2017 is the year of destination weddings! Whether you’re getting married on the breezy beaches of Aruba, or a in picturesque vineyard in Tuscany, destination weddings have become a significant trend. If you are going to be to a spectacular destination for your wedding, you will need a professional photographer to capture the event. If you are interested in finding out more about a professional photography services then you may like to go to It is a day you will remember forever, so you will definitely want the photos to match.

A Change in “Greenery”

Whether the wedding is inside or out, be prepared to see a lot of greenery this year! Couples are ditching elaborate florals for simple green elegance. From over-sized potted trees, to garlands wrapped around the chairs, weddings are taking “going-green” to a whole new level!

Interactive Eating

Formal, sit-down meals are becoming a thing of the past. With food trucks and buffets taking over, dinner is now becoming more interactive. Setting up different stations that feature your favorite foods is the perfect way to bring your guests together and start up a conversation!

Lawn Games

What better way to break the ice at a wedding than with lawn games?! Couples are turning towards Cornhole, Kanjam, Giant Jenga and more, in order to get their guests to mingle and stay entertained all night!

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