A Guide to Planning Your Quinceanera

For many young women, preparing for their Quinceaneras is nearly as important as planning their weddings! Girls whose families celebrate this special occasion often find themselves dreaming of their fifteenth birthdays throughout their childhoods. If you and your family are beginning to think about an upcoming Quinceanera celebration, the information in this guide will be useful to you. 

One year ahead of time: 

At least one year in advance of your Quinceanera, there are several tasks you should complete. First, whoever is paying for the affair (typically the girl’s parents) need to determine the budget for the party. This will impact every other decision that is made, so it should be first on the to-do list! 

After the budget has been solidified, it is also a good idea to reserve the church and reception site at this point in time. Many families opt to book their churches for two days so the birthday girl, her court of honor, and her family can have a rehearsal the night before the official celebration. 

Nine months ahead of time: 

Nine months prior to your Quinceanera, you can really begin to have fun with the planning! From this point on, time will fly and your big day will arrive before you know it. It’s an excellent idea to start shopping for your dress and accessories nine months out. This will ensure there is plenty of time for alterations to be made. 

You should also select your court of honor about nine months ahead of the event. Not only will this give the members of your court ample time to prepare, but it will allow you and your family to include them in many of the special milestones, such as dress shopping, leading up to your Quinceanera.

Two months ahead of time: 

As the day of your Quinceanera draws closer, you will need to start making final preparations. At this time, you should ensure that your guest list is finalized and send all invitations. For a personal touch, address each envelope by hand or, if your budget allows, hire a calligrapher. 

At this time, you should also confirm with all of your vendors, including your reception DJ, photographer, and priest, and schedule any beauty appointments for the day of your Quinceanera celebration. Checking these things off of your to-do list will ease any stress you feel about things not going to plan on your big day!

The day of the party:

On the day of the Quinceanera, the main thing the birthday girl herself needs to do is have a great time! Her parents or other family members who are paying for the party must double-check that all vendors have been paid and all other final details are in order. 

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