the bride sits in a white room and is sad. Natural light. covers your eyes

For The Coronavirus Bride

If your wedding is within the next 1-3 months, there is a large possibility that your plans could be majorly impacted. We all really hate that this is a thing. We know you’re not sure what to do, and no amount of worrying seems to be helping you. It is okay to be sad.  Give yourself the space to be sad about a dream that won’t come true quite as you hoped. 


It may be hard but try and fight your feelings with logic. No one is Cinderella living their fairy tale. Remember that your wedding is not the most important thing, eventually no matter what you’ll be married.

Some of you grew up dreaming of your wedding day only for it to have it fall in the few months during this pandemic when it simply cannot happen. To think about how much time and money invested in something that ends up not happening, it seems not fair. Before you get sucked into your own self-pity, remind yourself that this is a global pandemic—which means that the situation is simultaneously happening to so many others in your community, country, and around the world. You are not the only bride facing this. You are not alone in this.

Have Hope

So while your currently sad and disappointed at how everything is unfolding, remember to find hope. You will be able to look back with gratitude for my family and friends who made sure your wedding was special, no matter when it took place. You’re love for your partner will not change because of a difference of a wedding date. You’ll be able to look back with hope that there was purpose in what you go through.

Look for a purpose that can be found in both our everyday struggles and the bigger struggles you are facing. Take time to find joy and things to be thankful for even during a season of uncertainty and disappointment. Use this time to look for connection and closeness with your soon-to-be-husbands or wives during quarantine.

This will all eventually pass. I urge you, try to cope with this season of engagement while it’s here, even if it may last for months longer than everyone is telling us. Someday soon, you will not be just a bride, but a wife and the things you’re worrying about today will no longer weigh so heavy .

We’re Here To Help

As you go about your quarantine, we’re here to help! Contact us at any time! Contact us for any questions about your wedding day!