How to Plan a Perfect Same-Sex Wedding Ceremony

It’s Pride Month, and that means a number of same-sex couples are going to begin to plan weddings and make arrangements for their “big day.” A gay wedding is a little different in some aspects than a heterosexual marriage. A huge reason is the recent adoptions of the legality of same-sex marriage across the country. To plan the perfect same-sex wedding, there are a few things to consider and decide before getting started!

Gay Wedding Planning

A big part of planning a wedding is the ceremony itself. For many, going to a church for a wedding is seen as the traditional way to do so, but because gay couples are regularly denied acceptance by religious organizations, it is important to do research on policies before deciding on a location. No couple should feel unwelcome at their wedding, so many choose to go with an ordained minister, who is legally allowed to marry others, instead of a typical pastor or priest. This could be a friend or loved one, so long as the person marrying you and your soon to be spouse is not planning on being one of your witnesses.

There is another aspect of traditional marriages that often get tweaked for homosexual marriages. Gender pronounces and gendered labels are riddled in the verbiage of weddings. Words like “bride” and “groom” as well as “man” and “wife” are not applicable to all couples, especially in same-sex marriage. For that reason, it is helpful to go over what you might want to be replaced in this portion of the wedding. Talk with your wedding planner when you hire them to make sure you know what labels and gender pronouns you’d like to use.

A wedding planner who works primarily with heterosexual couples may not have experience in same-sex weddings. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, it just means they may not be best equipped to plan your big day. It’s stressful enough planning a wedding with help; you do not want a planner who has to be explained the nuances of a same-sex relationship or wedding ceremony. For that reason, we suggest contacting DiBurro’s Function Facility to bring your dream wedding to life in a loving and accepting environment.