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Who Gets A Plus-One to My Wedding?

Have you given your wedding guest list any thought? Going through your wedding guest list can be tricky. Each head count costs money; in a perfect world, you’d want to let everyone bring someone to your wedding. So how do you decide who’ll be bringing a date to your wedding?

Who Gets a Plus One?

How serious is the relationship?

If a couple is married, engaged, living together, or in a long-term, committed relationship, —you have to invite their partner. You need to acknowledge the commitment of your guests, whether they have chosen to get married or not. Unfortunately, even if you’re closer with one person than the other, or if you’ve never met someone’s spouse, it’s polite to acknowledge their union. Would you want to attend a wedding without your spouse?

Does this person know other guests?

Consider how many people your guests will know. Think about that childhood friend of yours coming from miles away, allowing them to have a plus-one will make them feel more comfortable. The last thing you want is to have is a bored, lonely guest, allow them a guest of their choice. You want your wedding to be an experience for everyone, even if it means seeing people outside your social circle at your wedding whether they are in your social circle or be sure to put them on your guest list.

Are they in your bridal party?

The rules about cohabitation, dating, and marriage don’t apply for the guests in your wedding party Allow your bridesmaids to bring their new boyfriend; it can be seen as a small token of appreciation for the support. Think of it as the perfect way to say “thank you” for every occasion your bridal party had to help organize and attend in the past year!

What if they gave me a plus one option at their wedding?

Even if you were allowed to bring a date to your friend’s wedding, don’t feel obligated to return the plus-one favor. Your wedding is— your wedding and should be different than theirs. Don’t feel bad about it. It might upset your guest, but try explaining to them why you made the decision.

Do they need help getting to the wedding?

Guests who are unable to get to the wedding on their own — like an older guest who can’t drive or older guests who have caregivers — should receive a plus-one, especially if their presence is important to you. Make sure your elderly guests have the proper support from your wedding, especially if they aren’t part of your family.
Think carefully about allowing plus-ones to your wedding. Remember, this is your perfect day. Invite who you want to invite, however, be fair sometimes, cuts must be made. As you plan your wedding, we hope to be able to play a role in making it the day of your dreams!